Developed a Social Media scraping Twitter Bot - using entirely free tools


@PeaceTechBot was developed for International Peace Day to share #peacetech articles. Written in Python, the bot reviews recent posts on Twitter and finds articles, maps conversations, and identifies key peacetech speakers on Twitter. The bot stores this information online in Google Sheets. The logo was developed using open source images and Pixlr editor. The bot runs on a Heroku free server.

Mapped Daycares and Childcare Centers in Northern Virginia

My wife and I have a one year old and are looking into childcare centers in Northern Virginia. I did a little research, found a list of facilities, cleaned it, prepared it, and visualized it. My findings? Childcare is expensive.

Visualized Iraq's 2016 Budget

A visualization of Iraq's budget in 2016. Prior to this, the Iraq 2016 budget existed mainy as a scanned pdf copy of a paper document buried on a website. We turned it into a visualized, downloadable database. Translation by Waseem Ahmed, visualization by me. Our next goal is to publish it in Iraq.

Visualizing the budget only helped to reveal to me how much information is missing from Iraq's budget. The information only goes down to the Ministry level - it would be fantastic to get to the project level.

I ended up completing the Stanford Technology for Accountability Lab "with distinction."